MoonGold cancelled until further notice

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Our title “MoonGold: Flash Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up” has stopped development some months ago now. This is not a farewell, more like a see you. The game will resume up again later, starting all over again using most of the material created to date. There are many reasons, one of them is the lack of time to work at the game art, another one because of the possible dissolution of our work team “3guys1game” organized at Po3. But never mind, we expect a much better result after this long pause.

SWEET GRIM for Newgrounds Awards 2011

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Recently, our movie “SWEET GRIM” has been nominated for the Newgrounds 2011 Awards along with other 21 great movies from the Portal. It is a big surprise since we never tried get this far, it’s a nice touch. We totally don’t expect more from this and we already know there are way much better movies in the list, but we will be waiting for the results just like little girls. Go check the movie nominees at Newgrounds Wiki: 2011 Awards. We will keep you informed of any update about the awards.


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We’re proud to publish our second JOYCOT Team Flash movie. Once again, animated by NinJaco, we bring you SWEET GRIM, submitted to Newgrounds last Halloween. We ended exhausted to publish it before the deadline, that’s why we haven’t done any official blog entry before. We started making the movie just after Madness Day’s results and it turned out to be a 4 minutes long animation. We tried to improve several issues “The Magician” has such as the lenght.

Probably, we will animate something for Christmas too due to public demand, and after that, Jaco will most probably already have his Cintiq ready, so we will start developing a game. Hope you’ll enjoy the movie.

Edit: There will not be any Christmas animation but Jaco’s has ordered a Cintiq already :)

The MagicianThe Magician

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Today is an important date for us. It’s the first time we had been able to finish a project and publish it before it’s deadline. As we said on Twitter few weeks ago, we had been working on a Flash animation to participate on Madness Day from Newgrounds. Although is not a game as many are still waiting, we can ensure it has quality.

The Magician has been totally animated by our artist NinJaco and directed and produced by our programmer Sonucais. CrisFox has also collaborated with some backgrounds. You can check the rest of the credits at the end of the movie. This sudden change from develope several games to decide start the film is due to we really need a Cintiq for Jaco to draw faster at a commercial game quality, since it’s tablet started to fail lately.

Any help spreading about The Magician would help us a lot! We hope you’ll enjoy the short as much as we making it! By the way, we have hidden few Easter Eggs!

Madness Day 2011
Tricky recommends you to grab some popcorn!

Hoy es una fecha importante para nosotros. Por primera vez hemos sido capaces de terminar un proyecto en equipo y publicarlo a tiempo. Tal y como dijimos en Twitter hace unas semanas, hemos estado trabajando en una animación Flash para participar en Madness Day de Newgrounds. Aunque no sea un juego como muchos aun esperan, podemos garantizar que la animación es de calidad.

The Magician ha sido totalmente animada por nuestro artista NinJaco y dirigida y producida por nuestro programador Sonucais. CrisFox también colaboró con algunas backgrounds. El resto de créditos podéis consultarlos al final de la película. Esta pausa tan repentina de estar desarrollando varios juegos a dedicarse a una animación es debida a que realmente necesitamos conseguirle una tableta Cintiq a Jaco para poder aprovechar el tiempo y a calidad de un juego comercial, ya que la que tiene ha empezado a fallar últimamente.

¡Cualquier ayuda para difundir sobre The Magician nos seria de gran ayuda! ¡Esperamos que disfrutéis del corto tanto como nosotros haciéndola! ¡Por cierto, hemos escondido unos cuantos Easter Eggs!

Madness Day 2011
¡Tricky te aconseja agarrar unas palomitas!